Non-hu­mans and the long-term future

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Further reading

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Wild an­i­mal welfare in the far future

saulius8 Jul 2022 14:02 UTC
121 points
11 comments26 min readEA link

Why I pri­ori­tize moral cir­cle ex­pan­sion over re­duc­ing ex­tinc­tion risk through ar­tifi­cial in­tel­li­gence alignment

Jacy20 Feb 2018 18:29 UTC
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Who is pro­tect­ing an­i­mals in the long-term fu­ture?

alene21 Mar 2022 16:49 UTC
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The Im­por­tance of Ar­tifi­cial Sentience

Jamie_Harris3 Mar 2021 17:17 UTC
70 points
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The Fu­ture Might Not Be So Great

Jacy30 Jun 2022 13:01 UTC
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Should Longter­mists Mostly Think About An­i­mals?

abrahamrowe3 Feb 2020 14:40 UTC
109 points
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Longter­mism and an­i­mal advocacy

Tobias_Baumann11 Nov 2020 17:44 UTC
97 points
8 comments4 min readEA link

Longter­mism and an­i­mals: Re­sources + join our Dis­cord com­mu­nity!

Ren Ryba31 Jan 2023 10:45 UTC
102 points
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On the (In)Ap­pli­ca­bil­ity of Cor­po­rate Rights Cases to Digi­tal Minds

Cullen28 Feb 2019 6:14 UTC
16 points
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Could it be a (bad) lock-in to re­place fac­tory farm­ing with al­ter­na­tive pro­tein?

Fai10 Sep 2022 16:24 UTC
85 points
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Re­sources: Pur­su­ing a ca­reer in an­i­mal ad­vo­cacy (even if you’re a longter­mist!)

Ren Ryba23 Sep 2023 1:33 UTC
37 points
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Why the ex­pected num­bers of farmed an­i­mals in the far fu­ture might be huge

Fai4 Mar 2022 19:59 UTC
134 points
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[Question] Which is more im­por­tant for re­duc­ing s-risks, re­search­ing on AI sen­tience or an­i­mal welfare?

jackchang11025 Feb 2023 2:20 UTC
9 points
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Mo­ral cir­cles: De­grees, di­men­sions, visuals

MichaelA24 Jul 2020 4:04 UTC
87 points
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Longter­mism and An­i­mal Farm­ing Trajectories

MichaelDello27 Dec 2022 0:58 UTC
51 points
8 comments17 min readEA link

A longter­mist cri­tique of “The ex­pected value of ex­tinc­tion risk re­duc­tion is pos­i­tive”

Anthony DiGiovanni1 Jul 2021 21:01 UTC
129 points
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Pos­si­ble mis­con­cep­tions about (strong) longtermism

JackM9 Mar 2021 17:58 UTC
90 points
43 comments19 min readEA link

The Case for An­i­mal-In­clu­sive Longtermism

BrownHairedEevee17 Feb 2024 0:07 UTC
60 points
7 comments30 min readEA link

Ar­tifi­cial In­tel­li­gence, Mo­ral­ity, and Sen­tience (AIMS) Sur­vey: 2021

Janet Pauketat1 Jul 2022 7:47 UTC
36 points
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How much cur­rent an­i­mal suffer­ing does longter­mism let us ig­nore?

Jacob Eliosoff21 Apr 2022 9:10 UTC
40 points
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[Question] Which is bet­ter for an­i­mal welfare, ter­raform­ing planets or space habitats? And by how much?

DC17 Oct 2020 21:49 UTC
36 points
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Steer­ing AI to care for an­i­mals, and soon

Andrew Critch14 Jun 2022 1:13 UTC
224 points
37 comments1 min readEA link

Why I’m fo­cus­ing on in­ver­te­brate sentience

Max_Carpendale8 Dec 2018 19:24 UTC
56 points
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On the longter­mist case for work­ing on farmed an­i­mals [Uncer­tain­ties & re­search ideas]

MichaelA11 Apr 2021 6:49 UTC
78 points
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Shar­ing the World with Digi­tal Minds

Aaron Gertler1 Dec 2020 8:00 UTC
12 points
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An­nounc­ing a $6,000,000 en­dow­ment for NYU Mind, Ethics, and Policy

Sofia_Fogel31 May 2024 22:45 UTC
131 points
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What is In­ter­sec­tion­al­ity The­ory? What does it mean for EA?

John Bridge 🔸27 Mar 2022 20:41 UTC
28 points
42 comments5 min readEA link

The ex­pected value of ex­tinc­tion risk re­duc­tion is positive

JanB9 Dec 2018 8:00 UTC
69 points
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Ex­tinc­tion risk re­duc­tion and moral cir­cle ex­pan­sion: Spec­u­lat­ing sus­pi­cious convergence

MichaelA4 Aug 2020 11:38 UTC
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Pri­ori­ti­za­tion Ques­tions for Ar­tifi­cial Sentience

Jamie_Harris18 Oct 2021 14:07 UTC
30 points
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Hu­man­ity’s vast fu­ture and its im­pli­ca­tions for cause prioritization

BrownHairedEevee26 Jul 2022 5:04 UTC
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Longter­mism, aliens, AI

dotsam8 May 2022 17:46 UTC
25 points
2 comments1 min readEA link

Ex­is­ten­tial risks are not just about humanity

MichaelA28 Apr 2020 0:09 UTC
35 points
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A chat with Kyle Jo­hannsen, au­thor of Wild An­i­mal Ethics: The Mo­ral and Poli­ti­cal Prob­lem of Wild An­i­mal Suffering

Michael Huang18 Jun 2022 13:00 UTC
24 points
3 comments9 min readEA link

Re­sources on An­i­mal Ethics and Helping Animals

Eleos Arete Citrini10 Sep 2021 23:22 UTC
34 points
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EA needs more humor

SWK1 Dec 2022 5:30 UTC
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An­i­mal Ad­vo­cacy Digest #4: Dec 24th- Jan 20th

JamesÖz20 Jan 2023 11:11 UTC
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#173 – Digi­tal minds, and how to avoid sleep­walk­ing into a ma­jor moral catas­tro­phe (Jeff Sebo on the 80,000 Hours Pod­cast)

80000_Hours29 Nov 2023 19:18 UTC
43 points
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[Question] Should some peo­ple start work­ing to in­fluence the peo­ple who are most likely to shape the val­ues of the first AGIs, so that they take into ac­count the in­ter­ests of wild and farmed an­i­mals and sen­tient digi­tal minds?

Keyvan Mostafavi31 Aug 2023 12:08 UTC
16 points
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The im­por­tance of get­ting digi­tal con­scious­ness right

Derek Shiller13 Jun 2022 10:41 UTC
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Net global welfare may be nega­tive and declining

kyle_fish26 Sep 2023 18:49 UTC
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Yip Fai Tse on an­i­mal welfare & AI safety and long termism

Karthik Palakodeti22 Jun 2023 12:48 UTC
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Fac­tory farm­ing in a cos­mic future

Luke Dawes10 Feb 2024 12:14 UTC
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[Question] Is there any way to be con­fi­dent that hu­man­ity won’t keep em­ploy­ing mass tor­ture of an­i­mals for mil­lions of years in the fu­ture?

Eduardo28 Apr 2024 18:43 UTC
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The His­tory of AI Rights Research

Jamie_Harris27 Aug 2022 8:14 UTC
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Ex­tinc­tion risk and longter­mism: a broader cri­tique of Thorstad

Matthew Rendall21 Apr 2024 13:55 UTC
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Fu­ture tech­nolog­i­cal progress does NOT cor­re­late with meth­ods that in­volve less suffering

Jim Buhler1 Aug 2023 9:30 UTC
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The hid­den com­plex­ity of “moral cir­cles”

JamesFaville25 Oct 2023 20:19 UTC
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What if we are the jel­lyfish of this mo­ment?

Dave Cortright3 Apr 2023 5:32 UTC
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The Ter­minol­ogy of Ar­tifi­cial Sentience

Janet Pauketat28 Nov 2021 7:52 UTC
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[Opz­ionale] Il lun­goter­minismo e l’at­tivismo per gli animali

EA Italy17 Jan 2023 20:17 UTC
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Tak­ing Into Ac­count Sen­tient Non-Hu­mans in AI Am­bi­tious Value Learn­ing: Sen­tien­tist Co­her­ent Ex­trap­o­lated Volition

Adrià Moret1 Dec 2023 18:01 UTC
39 points
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[Question] How wor­ried should I be about a child­less Dis­ney­land?

Will Bradshaw28 Oct 2019 15:32 UTC
31 points
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Re: Some thoughts on veg­e­tar­i­anism and veganism

Fai25 Feb 2022 20:43 UTC
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Mo­ral Spillover in Hu­man-AI Interaction

Katerina Manoli5 Jun 2023 15:20 UTC
17 points
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Data Publi­ca­tion for the 2021 Ar­tifi­cial In­tel­li­gence, Mo­ral­ity, and Sen­tience (AIMS) Sur­vey

Janet Pauketat24 Mar 2022 15:43 UTC
21 points
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The Me­taethics and Nor­ma­tive Ethics of AGI Value Align­ment: Many Ques­tions, Some Implications

Eleos Arete Citrini15 Sep 2021 19:05 UTC
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Jeff Sebo: A util­i­tar­ian case for an­i­mal rights

EA Global18 Oct 2019 18:05 UTC
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Wild An­i­mal Welfare Sce­nar­ios for AI Doom

Rocket8 Jun 2023 19:41 UTC
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X-risks to all life v. to humans

RobertHarling3 Jun 2020 15:40 UTC
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How the an­i­mal move­ment could do even more good

Tobias_Baumann28 Feb 2022 23:10 UTC
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An­i­mal Rights, The Sin­gu­lar­ity, and Astro­nom­i­cal Suffering

sapphire20 Aug 2020 20:23 UTC
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Public Opinion on AI Safety: AIMS 2023 and 2021 Summary

Janet Pauketat25 Sep 2023 18:09 UTC
19 points
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