Statis­ti­cal Methods

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Use the Statis­ti­cal Meth­ods tag for posts about the math­e­mat­ics and logic of statis­ti­cal calcu­la­tion.

This tag isn’t meant for posts that es­ti­mate the im­pact of spe­cific char­i­ties/​in­ter­ven­tions, but in­stead for posts about “do­ing statis­tics” in gen­eral.

List of ways in which cost-effec­tive­ness es­ti­mates can be misleading

saulius20 Aug 2019 18:05 UTC
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Real­ity is of­ten underpowered

Gregory_Lewis10 Oct 2019 13:14 UTC
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Bi­ases in our es­ti­mates of Scale, Ne­glect­ed­ness and Solv­abil­ity?

MichaelStJules24 Feb 2020 18:39 UTC
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Shap­ley val­ues: Bet­ter than counterfactuals

NunoSempere10 Oct 2019 10:26 UTC
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[Link] The Op­ti­mizer’s Curse & Wrong-Way Reductions

Chris Smith4 Apr 2019 13:28 UTC
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Uncer­tainty and sen­si­tivity analy­ses of GiveWell’s cost-effec­tive­ness analyses

cole_haus31 Aug 2019 23:33 UTC
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[Stats4EA] Ex­pec­ta­tions are not Outcomes

matthewp18 May 2020 22:59 UTC
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On the ro­bust­ness of cost-effec­tive­ness estimates

William_MacAskill24 May 2013 4:00 UTC
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Five Ways to Han­dle Flow-Through Effects

Peter_Hurford28 Jul 2016 3:39 UTC
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Ex­pected value es­ti­mates you can take (some­what) literally

Gregory_Lewis24 Nov 2014 15:55 UTC
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[Question] What are some low-in­for­ma­tion pri­ors that you find prac­ti­cally use­ful for think­ing about the world?

Linch7 Aug 2020 4:38 UTC
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[Question] Sam­ple size and clus­ter­ing ad­vice needed

brb24329 Jul 2020 14:21 UTC
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A tech­ni­cal note: Bayesi­anism is not logic, statis­tics is not rationality

jonathanstray6 Sep 2016 15:47 UTC
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Turn­ing per­centages back into peo­ple: per­son­al­iz­ing quantification

sky12 Sep 2020 14:30 UTC
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Quan­tum com­put­ing timelines

Jsevillamol15 Sep 2020 14:15 UTC
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