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We’re the staff at Rethink Priorities and we would like you to Ask Us Anything! We’ll be answering all questions starting Friday, November 19.

About the Org

Rethink Priorities is an EA research organization focused on helping improve decisions among funders and key decision-makers within EA and EA-aligned organizations. You might know of our work on quantifying the number of farmed vertebrates and invertebrates, interspecies comparisons of moral weight, ballot initiatives as a tool for EAs, the risk of nuclear winter, or running the EA Survey, among other projects. You can see all of our work to date here.

Over the next few years, we’re expanding our farmed animal welfare and moral weight research programs, launching an AI governance and strategy research program, and continuing to grow our new global health and development wing (including evaluating climate change interventions).


You can find bios of our team members here. Links on names below go to RP publications by the author (if any are publicly available at this point).


  • Marcus Davis — Co-CEO — Focus on animal welfare and operations

  • Peter Wildeford — Co-CEO — Focus on longtermism, global health and development, surveys, and EA movement research

Animal Welfare

  • Dr. Kim Cuddington — Senior Ecologist — Wild animal welfare

  • Dr. William McAuliffe — Senior Research Manager — Wild animal welfare, farmed animal welfare

  • Jacob Peacock — Senior Research Manager — Farmed animal welfare

  • Dr. Jason Schukraft — Senior Research Manager — Moral weight, global health and development

  • Daniela Waldhorn — Senior Research Manager — Invertebrate welfare, farmed animal welfare

  • Dr. Neil Dullaghan — Senior Researcher — Farmed animal welfare

  • Dr. Samara Mendez — Senior Researcher — Farmed animal welfare

  • Saulius Šimčikas — Senior Researcher — Farmed animal welfare

  • Meghan Barrett — Entomology Specialist — Invertebrate welfare

  • Dr. Holly Elmore — Researcher — Wild animal welfare

  • Michael St. Jules — Associate Researcher — Farmed animal welfare


  • Michael Aird — Researcher — Nuclear war, AI governance and strategy

  • Linch Zhang — Researcher — Forecasting, AI governance and strategy

Surveys and EA movement research

  • David Moss — Principal Research Director — Surveys and EA movement research

  • Dr. David Reinstein — Senior Economist — EA Survey, effective giving research

  • Dr. Jamie Elsey — Senior Behavioral Scientist — Surveys

  • Dr. Willem Sleegers — Senior Behavioral Scientist — Surveys

Global Health and Development

  • Dr. Greer Gosnell — Senior Environmental Economist — Climate change, global health interventions

  • Ruby Dickson — Researcher — Global health interventions

  • Jenny Kudymowa — Researcher — Global health interventions

  • Bruce Tsai — Researcher — Climate change, global health interventions


  • Abraham Rowe — COO — Operations, finance, HR, development, communications

  • Janique Behman — Director of Development — Development, communications

  • Dr. Dominika Krupocin — Senior People and Culture Coordinator — HR

  • Carolina Salazar — Project and Hiring Manager — HR, project management

  • Romina Giel — Operations Associate — Operations, finance

Ask Us Anything

Please ask us anything — about the org and how we operate, about the staff, about our research… anything!

You can read more about us in our 2021 Impact and 2022 Strategy update or visit our website: rethinkpriorities.org.

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Also, we’re currently raising funds to continue growing in 2022. We consider ourselves funding constrained — we continue to get far more qualified applicants to our roles than we are able to hire, and have scalable infrastructure to support far more research. We accept and track restricted funds by cause area if that is of interest.

If you’d like to support our work, visit https://​​www.rethinkpriorities.org/​​donate, give on Giving Tuesday via Facebook to potentially secure matching funds, or email Janique Behman at janique@rethinkpriorities.org.

We’ll be answering all questions starting Friday, November 19.