[Question] What posts you are planning on writing?

James Fav­ille and I think that it would be valuable for peo­ple to get feed­back on posts they are plan­ning on writ­ing, in par­tic­u­lar in get­ting an idea of what oth­ers would be most ex­cited to read.

We think this will ac­com­plish a few things:

1. En­courage peo­ple to pub­lish the posts

2. Help them pri­ori­tize be­tween post ideas based on com­mu­nity feedback

3. Get di­rected to use­ful read­ings/​resources

4. (For ev­ery­one) Get a sense of what the com­mu­nity is work­ing on

Edit: If you’d like com­mu­nity feed­back on a post, there is an EA Edit­ing and Re­view face­book group.