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The religion tag covers posts about the intersection between religion and effective altruism.

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Leon Di Ste­fano: Chris­ti­an­ity and effec­tive altruism

EA Global28 Aug 2015 16:14 UTC
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Hu­man­i­ties Re­search Ideas for Longtermists

Lizka9 Jun 2021 4:39 UTC
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Reli­gious Texts and EA: What Can We Learn and What Can We In­form?

Tony.Sena30 Jan 2021 12:04 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism and Reli­gious Faiths: Mu­tu­ally Ex­clu­sive En­tities, or an Im­por­tant Nexus to Ex­plore?

sophieritchie20 Sep 2015 12:50 UTC
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Long-Term In­fluence and Move­ment Growth: Two His­tor­i­cal Case Studies

Aron_Vallinder13 Dec 2018 19:03 UTC
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An­nounc­ing EA for Chris­ti­ans An­nual Con­fer­ence in London

JDBauman3 Feb 2020 16:45 UTC
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Want to Save the World? En­ter the Priesthood

zdgroff9 Jul 2019 9:18 UTC
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Prob­lems of evil

Joe_Carlsmith19 Apr 2021 8:05 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the Bud­dhists in EA Group

G Gordon Worley III2 Jul 2019 20:41 UTC
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Why Chris­ti­ans should have no op­po­si­tion to Su­per-in­tel­li­gence.

TaylorJns16 Dec 2018 20:49 UTC
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EA and the Paramitas

G Gordon Worley III15 Jan 2020 3:17 UTC
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EA for Chris­ti­ans An­nual Conference

JDBauman15 Apr 2021 1:08 UTC
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EA for Jews—Pro­posal and Re­quest for Comment

BenSchifman28 Mar 2021 12:42 UTC
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