Eco­nomics of ar­tifi­cial intelligence

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The economics of artificial intelligence studies the implications for economic growth and labor markets of increasingly powerful AI systems. The economics of AI also covers the study of short-term and long-term economic dynamics that affect the development of AI, including increased production of computing resources; the relationship between access to human capital and speed of AI research; and competition dynamics among AI firms. The field draws heavily from the study of technical change and innovation in economics, and their effect on economic growth and firm dynamics.

Further reading

Hanson, Robin (2001) Economic growth given machine intelligence, unpublished.

Trammell, Philip & Anton Korinek (2021) Economic growth under transformative AI: A guide to the vast range of possibilities for output growth, wages, and the labor share, Global Priorities Institute, University of Oxford.

Yudkowsky, Eliezer (2013) Intelligence explosion microeconomics, technical report 2013-1, Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

External links

The economics of AI. An online course by Prof. Anton Korinek.

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