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The academia tag is for posts relevant to topics such as how (in)efficient academia is, what influence academia has had and could have, the best ways to leverage or direct academia, and whether people should go into academic or academia-related careers.


Whittlestone, Jess (2018) Academic research, 80,000 Hours

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eca28 Mar 2021 19:56 UTC
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Im­prov­ing the EA-al­igned re­search pipeline: Se­quence introduction

MichaelA11 May 2021 17:57 UTC
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abergal27 May 2021 6:44 UTC
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My cur­rent im­pres­sions on ca­reer choice for longtermists

Holden Karnofsky4 Jun 2021 17:07 UTC
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Es­ti­ma­tion of prob­a­bil­ities to get tenure track in academia: baseline and pub­li­ca­tions dur­ing the PhD.

PabloAMC20 Sep 2020 18:32 UTC
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