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Democracy is a form of government in which power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or through elected representatives.

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Christiano, Tom & Sameer Bajaj (2006) Democracy, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, July 27 (updated 3 March 2022).

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De­creas­ing pop­ulism and im­prov­ing democ­racy, ev­i­dence-based policy, and rationality

Hauke Hillebrandt27 Jul 2021 18:14 UTC
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Towards a longter­mist frame­work for eval­u­at­ing democ­racy-re­lated interventions

Tom Barnes28 Jul 2021 13:23 UTC
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Democ­racy Pro­mo­tion as an EA Cause Area

bryanschonfeld1 Jul 2020 1:56 UTC
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New Book: “Rea­soned Poli­tics” + Why I have writ­ten a book about politics

Magnus Vinding3 Mar 2022 11:31 UTC
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Pop­ulism in Africa :The need to pro­mote democ­racy as a cause area

Osuka20 Aug 2023 10:35 UTC
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A liber­tar­ian so­cial­ist’s view on how EA can improve

freedomandutility30 Dec 2022 13:07 UTC
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OpenAI’s grant pro­gram for demo­cratic pro­cess for de­cid­ing what rules AI sys­tems should follow

Ronen Bar23 Jun 2023 10:46 UTC
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[Re­view and notes] How Democ­racy Ends—David Runciman

Ben13 Feb 2020 22:30 UTC
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[Cause Ex­plo­ra­tion Prizes] Dy­namic democ­racy to guard against au­thor­i­tar­ian lock-in

Open Philanthropy24 Aug 2022 10:53 UTC
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Launch­ing The Col­lec­tive In­tel­li­gence Pro­ject: Whitepa­per and Pilots

jasmine_wang6 Feb 2023 17:00 UTC
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Two Nice Ex­per­i­ments on Democ­racy and Altruism

zdgroff30 Dec 2020 18:56 UTC
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4 ways to think about de­moc­ra­tiz­ing AI [GovAI Linkpost]

Akash13 Feb 2023 18:06 UTC
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Tech­noc­racy vs pop­ulism (in­clud­ing thoughts on the democratis­ing risk pa­per and its re­sponses)

freedomandutility29 Dec 2021 3:08 UTC
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Cast­ing the De­ci­sive Vote

Toby_Ord27 Mar 2023 14:09 UTC
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More Cen­tral­i­sa­tion?

DavidNash6 Mar 2023 16:01 UTC
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[Linkpost] OpenAI is award­ing ten 100k grants for build­ing pro­to­types of a demo­cratic pro­cess for steer­ing AI

pseudonym26 May 2023 12:49 UTC
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How democ­racy ends: a re­view and reevaluation

richard_ngo24 Nov 2018 17:41 UTC
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Democ­racy and Devel­op­ment, a Sim­ple Model

Timothy_Liptrot11 Mar 2021 20:39 UTC
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Democ­racy doesn’t have to suck (draft)

blainehansen29 Aug 2022 3:52 UTC
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Defend­ing Philan­thropy Against Democracy

Cullen6 Oct 2019 7:20 UTC
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AMA: Ja­son Bren­nan, au­thor of “Against Democ­racy” and cre­ator of a Ge­orge­town course on EA

Jason Brennan17 Aug 2021 19:19 UTC
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Im­pact of US Strate­gic Power on Global Well-Be­ing (quick take)

kbog23 Mar 2019 6:19 UTC
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De­liber­a­tion May Im­prove De­ci­sion-Making

Neil_Dullaghan5 Nov 2019 0:34 UTC
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4 Years Later: Pres­i­dent Trump and Global Catas­trophic Risk

HaydnBelfield25 Oct 2020 16:28 UTC
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Is Democ­racy a Fad?

bgarfinkel13 Mar 2021 12:40 UTC
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May 5th Event: Democ­racy, Altru­ism, & the Ethics of Transna­tional Aid

Mahendra Prasad5 May 2021 5:33 UTC
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[Cause Ex­plo­ra­tion Prizes] Mea­sur­ing civic en­gage­ment—an im­por­tant yet un­der­val­ued well-be­ing met­ric?

Open Philanthropy17 Aug 2022 19:31 UTC
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To Build a Bet­ter Bal­lot: an in­ter­ac­tive guide to al­ter­na­tive vot­ing systems

BrownHairedEevee18 Apr 2021 6:24 UTC
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A frame­work for self-determination

kbog21 Jul 2021 11:33 UTC
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High stakes in­stru­men­tal­ism and billion­aire philanthropy

John G. Halstead19 Jul 2020 19:19 UTC
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On­line prefer­en­dum to se­lect cli­mate policy measures

vincent_sels11 Jan 2022 13:13 UTC
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Sum­mary of “Tech­nol­ogy Favours Tyranny” by Yu­val Noah Harari

Madhav Malhotra26 Oct 2022 21:37 UTC
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🌏 A hack to solve all of hu­man­ity’s ma­jor prob­lems

Mathias Sundin11 Aug 2022 9:42 UTC
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Fair Col­lec­tive Effec­tive Altruism

Jobst Heitzig ( Nov 2022 13:35 UTC
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Per­sis­tent Democ­racy: re­quest for early feedback

blainehansen10 Aug 2022 20:01 UTC
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Policy en­trepreneur­ship: the ne­glected EA policy arm

Alishaandomeda5 Sep 2022 17:25 UTC
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Foun­da­tions for a Longter­mist For­eign Policy

Manuel Carranza13 Mar 2023 22:48 UTC
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[Question] How much does cli­mate change & the de­cline of liberal democ­racy in­di­rectly in­crease the prob­a­bil­ity of an x-risk?

Arden1 Sep 2022 18:33 UTC
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The in­ter­net town square doesn’t have to suck. The solu­tion to bro­ken so­cial me­dia is ob­vi­ous: demo­cratic co­op­er­a­tive own­er­ship.

blainehansen29 Oct 2022 1:57 UTC
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Direct Shar­ing, con­sent and men­tal health on­line: an open pro­posal for so­cial me­dia with­out “an al­gorithm”, CC A

sergia14 Dec 2022 23:35 UTC
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Col­lec­tive in­tel­li­gence as in­fras­truc­ture for re­duc­ing broad ex­is­ten­tial risks

vickyCYang2 Aug 2021 6:00 UTC
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Depart­ment Voting

Bob Jacobs2 Aug 2021 9:42 UTC
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[Question] De­ci­sion mak­ing un­der model am­bi­guity, moral un­cer­tainty, and other agents with free will?

Jobst Heitzig ( Nov 2022 12:52 UTC
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How should we in­vest in democ­racy as an EA-ad­ja­cent is­sue? Some early thoughts

Alishaandomeda16 Aug 2022 11:54 UTC
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De­moc­ra­tiz­ing the work­place as a cause area

Bob Jacobs26 Nov 2022 18:31 UTC
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Ra­tion­al­ity and the Demo­cratic crisis

Trev Prew3 Feb 2023 15:19 UTC
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Afri­can Wild Dogs Vote By Sneez­ing—Can AI Help Us Do Bet­ter?

Augmented Assembly6 Feb 2023 22:11 UTC
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Paper sum­mary: Longter­mist in­sti­tu­tional re­form (Tyler M. John and William MacAskill)

Global Priorities Institute13 Mar 2023 18:07 UTC
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