[Question] What specific changes should we as a community make to the effective altruism community? [Stage 1]

I thought I’d run the listening exercise I’d like to see.

  1. Get popular suggestions

  2. Run a polis poll

  3. Make a google doc where we research consensus suggestions/​ near consensus/​consensus for specific groups

  4. Poll again

Stage 1

Give concrete suggestions for community changes. 1 − 2 sentences only.

Upvote if you think they are worth putting in the polis poll and agreevote if you think the comment is true.

Agreevote if you think they are well-framed.

Aim for them to be upvoted. Please add suggestions you’d like to see.

I’ll take the top 20 − 30

I will delete/​move to comments top-level answers that are longer than 2 sentences.

Stage 2

Post here: https://​​forum.effectivealtruism.org/​​posts/​​9R5eJhimR3QtjNFmP/​​what-specific-changes-should-we-as-a-community-make-to-the-1

Polis poll here: https://​​pol.is/​​5kfknjc9mj