So­cial and in­tel­lec­tual movements

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The social and intellectual movements tag applies to posts that discuss how other social and intellectual movements relate to effective altruism. For example, they might discuss:

Further reading

Aird, Michael (2020) Collection of EA analyses of how social social movements rise, fall, can be influential, etc., Effective Altruism Forum, March 26.
Many additional resources on this topic or related topics.

Della Porta, Donatella & Mario Diani (eds.) (2015) The Oxford Handbook of Social Movements, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Klandermans, Bert & Conny Roggeband (eds.) (2010) Handbook of Social Movements across Disciplines, New York: Springer Science+Business Media.

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GCRs miti­ga­tion: the miss­ing Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goal

AmAristizabal8 Jun 2021 13:55 UTC
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Which prop­er­ties does the EA move­ment share with deep-time or­gani­sa­tions?

FJehn26 Aug 2020 10:59 UTC
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[Short Ver­sion] What Helped the Voice­less? His­tor­i­cal Case Studies

Mau15 Dec 2020 3:40 UTC
52 points
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Sto­ries from the ori­gins of the an­i­mal welfare movement

Julia_Wise12 Mar 2024 1:44 UTC
69 points
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Re­think­ing the Liber­a­tion Pledge (Eva Hamer)

Aaron Gertler3 Sep 2023 18:44 UTC
76 points
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En­vi­ron­men­tal­ism in the United States Is Unusu­ally Partisan

Jeffrey Heninger13 May 2024 21:23 UTC
55 points
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In­tro­duc­ing Fu­ture Mat­ters – a strat­egy consultancy

KyleGracey30 Sep 2023 2:06 UTC
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Tan­ner Greer on So­cial Movements

Edgar Lin3 Jul 2021 20:46 UTC
43 points
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Protest move­ments: How effec­tive are they?

James Özden22 Aug 2022 11:28 UTC
139 points
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Effec­tive Altru­ism as a So­cial Move­ment

Vaidehi Agarwalla16 Jan 2021 6:55 UTC
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Ini­tial re­search on so­cial move­ments & protest

James Özden28 Mar 2022 14:02 UTC
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So­cial Move­ment Les­sons from the US Pri­son­ers’ Rights Movement

Jamie_Harris22 Jul 2020 12:10 UTC
32 points
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Rad­i­cal tac­tics can in­crease sup­port for more mod­er­ate groups

James Özden16 Dec 2022 11:36 UTC
92 points
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The Fabian so­ciety was weirdly similar to the EA movement

MathiasKB26 Apr 2022 8:23 UTC
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Why do so­cial move­ments fail: Two con­crete ex­am­ples.

NunoSempere4 Oct 2019 19:56 UTC
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Brigid Slipka: Im­pact vs. prin­ci­ple at the Amer­i­can Civil Liber­ties Union

EA Global2 Jun 2017 8:48 UTC
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Self-Sus­tain­ing Fields Liter­a­ture Re­view: Tech­nol­ogy Fore­cast­ing, How Aca­demic Fields Emerge, and the Science of Science

Megan Kinniment6 Sep 2021 15:04 UTC
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[Question] Es­ti­mates on ex­pected effects of move­ment/​pres­sure group/​field build­ing?

jackva15 Feb 2024 11:35 UTC
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Bibliog­ra­phy of EA writ­ings about fields and move­ments of in­ter­est to EA

Pablo21 Feb 2022 15:11 UTC
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[Question] What is the clos­est thing you know to EA that isn’t EA?

Nathan Young14 Aug 2021 13:31 UTC
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What the EA com­mu­nity can learn from the rise of the neoliberals

Kerry_Vaughan6 Dec 2016 18:21 UTC
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So­cial Move­ment Les­sons from the Fair Trade Movement

Jamie_Harris2 Apr 2021 10:51 UTC
44 points
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[Question] What are some ex­am­ples of suc­cess­ful so­cial change?

Aaron Gertler22 Jun 2021 22:51 UTC
31 points
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Some thoughts about build­ing al­li­ances with the en­vi­ron­men­tal movement

Animal Charity Evaluators17 Sep 2020 1:34 UTC
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Hu­man­i­ties Re­search Ideas for Longtermists

Lizka9 Jun 2021 4:39 UTC
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Key Les­sons From So­cial Move­ment History

Jamie_Harris30 Jun 2021 17:05 UTC
122 points
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Can my self-worth com­pare to my in­stru­men­tal value?

C Tilli11 Oct 2020 7:32 UTC
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A case for the effec­tive­ness of protest

James Özden29 Nov 2021 11:50 UTC
122 points
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What com­plex­ity sci­ence and simu­la­tion have to offer effec­tive altruism

Rory Greig8 Jun 2021 9:50 UTC
64 points
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Help me find the crux be­tween EA/​XR and Progress Studies

jasoncrawford2 Jun 2021 18:47 UTC
119 points
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A sketch of leader and mem­ber-or­ganised movements

Vaidehi Agarwalla16 Dec 2022 18:01 UTC
21 points
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Bruce Friedrich: From ag­i­ta­tor to innovator

EA Global8 Jun 2018 7:15 UTC
9 points
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How the Jains built a cul­ture of re­spect for non­hu­man animals

siwani agrawal11 Jul 2023 18:51 UTC
29 points
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Why not so­cial­ism?

NikhilVenkatesh15 May 2024 13:08 UTC
59 points
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Cochrane: a quick and dirty summary

EdoArad14 Jul 2019 17:46 UTC
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[Question] Books on so­cial move­ments?

michel17 Sep 2022 6:27 UTC
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Sen­tience In­sti­tute 2021 End of Year Summary

Ali26 Nov 2021 14:40 UTC
66 points
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Eval­u­at­ing Life Ex­ten­sion Ad­vo­cacy Foun­da­tion

Emanuele_Ascani30 Sep 2020 17:46 UTC
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The Kin­der­trans­port—re­view of a his­tor­i­cal al­tru­is­tic movement

Matt Goodman7 Aug 2022 13:49 UTC
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[Question] What are aca­demic dis­ci­plines, move­ments or or­gani­sa­tions that you think EA should try to learn more from?

freedomandutility20 Mar 2022 18:21 UTC
15 points
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What Helped the Voice­less? His­tor­i­cal Case Studies

Mau11 Oct 2020 3:38 UTC
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A new place to dis­cuss cog­ni­tive sci­ence, ethics and hu­man alignment

Daniel_Friedrich4 Nov 2022 14:34 UTC
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[Question] What so­cial move­ments can EA be com­pared to?

Marisa11 Jun 2019 23:57 UTC
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Some re­search ideas on the his­tory of so­cial movements

rosehadshar1 Mar 2022 8:52 UTC
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Smart Move­ments Start Aca­demic Dis­ci­plines

ColdButtonIssues25 Sep 2022 15:58 UTC
121 points
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FYI there is a Ger­man in­sti­tute study­ing so­ciolog­i­cal as­pects of ex­is­ten­tial risk

Max Görlitz12 Feb 2023 17:35 UTC
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EA is too New & Im­por­tant to Schism

Wil Perkins23 Feb 2023 14:56 UTC
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Unions for AI safety?

dEAsign24 Sep 2023 0:13 UTC
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PR risks come from the extremes

freedomandutility2 Jul 2023 1:03 UTC
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Un­veiling the Longter­mism Frame­work in Is­lam: Urg­ing Mus­lims to Em­brace Fu­ture-Ori­ented Values through ‘Is­lamic Longter­mism’

Zayn A15 Aug 2023 11:34 UTC
83 points
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Go Mo­bi­lize? Les­sons from GM Protests for Paus­ing AI

Charlie Harrison24 Oct 2023 15:01 UTC
48 points
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An ex­pert sur­vey on so­cial move­ments and protest

James Özden12 Jul 2023 14:08 UTC
92 points
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Gen­eral sup­port for “Gen­eral EA”

Arthur Malone26 Jul 2023 21:37 UTC
156 points
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Mass Me­dia, Pro­pa­ganda, and So­cial In­fluence: Ev­i­dence of Effec­tive­ness from Courch­esne et al. (2021)

Janet Pauketat10 Jul 2023 20:10 UTC
13 points
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The Case For Civil Di­sobe­di­ence For The AI Movement

Murali Thoppil24 Apr 2023 13:07 UTC
16 points
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Naive ap­pli­ca­tion of the ITN frame­work on a situ­a­tion like the one in Gaza might lead us wrong

C Tilli13 Nov 2023 20:00 UTC
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Effi­cacy of AI Ac­tivism: Have We Ever Said No?

Charlie Harrison27 Oct 2023 16:52 UTC
78 points
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My ten­ta­tive best guess on how EAs and Ra­tion­al­ists some­times turn crazy

Habryka21 Jun 2023 4:11 UTC
160 points
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[Question] How use­ful is it to use a slav­ery/​fac­tory farm­ing com­par­i­son as a de­ci­sion mak­ing heuris­tic?

yanni kyriacos11 Aug 2023 22:38 UTC
11 points
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EA is Differ­ent?

D0TheMath13 Mar 2024 2:48 UTC
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Ve­gans as an In­ter­est Group

Dylan Richardson17 Mar 2024 21:29 UTC
4 points
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More ev­i­dence X-risk am­plifies ac­tion against cur­rent AI harms

Daniel_Friedrich22 Dec 2023 15:21 UTC
27 points
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