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A model is a simplified representation of some aspect of the world, which can be more easily analyzed than the world itself. When assessing and assimilating evidence, it will often be necessary to construct models.

For instance, economists who are interested in predicting how people will behave often analyze models in which everyone acts perfectly in accordance with decision theory. Although the existence of cognitive biases means that no real people actually act this way, economists are able to make mathematically precise conclusions about these models in a way they could not about the actual world. They then argue that their models are similar enough to reality to be a useful way to structure thinking about the relevant aspect of the world.

See game theory and 80,000 Hours’ three-factor framework for two examples of models being used within the context of effective altruism.

Perhaps the main difficulty when building a model is dealing with uncertainty. First, in cases where there is substantial certainty about the relevant aspect of the world, it may be necessary to incorporate uncertainty into the model. Second, there may be [uncertainty about whether the model is appropriate, or whether it diverges too substantially from reality to be instructive.

Re­think Pri­ori­ties’ Cross-Cause Cost-Effec­tive­ness Model: In­tro­duc­tion and Overview

Derek Shiller3 Nov 2023 12:26 UTC
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Ex­is­ten­tial Risk Model­ling with Con­tin­u­ous-Time Markov Chains

Radical Empath Ismam23 Jan 2023 20:32 UTC
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Cost-effec­tive­ness of re­stricted donations

Vasco Grilo3 Feb 2024 9:36 UTC
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How bad would nu­clear win­ter caused by a US-Rus­sia nu­clear ex­change be?

Luisa_Rodriguez20 Jun 2019 1:48 UTC
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Ex­pected value and un­cer­tainty with­out full Monte Carlo simulations

Vasco Grilo5 Jan 2024 8:57 UTC
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How valuable is move­ment growth?

Owen Cotton-Barratt14 May 2015 20:54 UTC
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Model-Based Policy Anal­y­sis un­der Deep Uncertainty

Max Reddel6 Mar 2023 14:24 UTC
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Mak­ing bet­ter es­ti­mates with scarce information

Stan Pinsent22 Mar 2023 16:29 UTC
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Si­mu­la­tion mod­els could help pre­pare for the next pandemic

Rory Greig29 Oct 2022 14:10 UTC
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What com­plex­ity sci­ence and simu­la­tion have to offer effec­tive altruism

Rory Greig8 Jun 2021 9:50 UTC
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Why Si­mu­la­tor AIs want to be Ac­tive In­fer­ence AIs

Jan_Kulveit11 Apr 2023 9:06 UTC
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“The Race to the End of Hu­man­ity” – Struc­tural Uncer­tainty Anal­y­sis in AI Risk Models

Froolow19 May 2023 12:03 UTC
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Disen­tan­gling “Im­prov­ing In­sti­tu­tional De­ci­sion-Mak­ing”

Lizka13 Sep 2021 23:50 UTC
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Meta-EA Needs Models

Mark Xu5 Apr 2021 21:59 UTC
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Samotsvety Nu­clear Risk Fore­casts — March 2022

NunoSempere10 Mar 2022 18:52 UTC
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High-risk high-re­ward philan­thropy: ap­ply­ing ven­ture cap­i­tal con­cepts to do­ing good

James Özden4 Jul 2022 13:00 UTC
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Con­cave and con­vex altruism

finm27 Apr 2022 22:36 UTC
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To fund re­search, or not to fund re­search, that is the question

JackM24 Apr 2022 18:46 UTC
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Differ­en­tial Tech­nolog­i­cal Devel­op­ment: Some Early Thinking

Nick_Beckstead29 Sep 2015 10:23 UTC
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A Model of Hits-Based Giving

harsimony25 Mar 2022 5:09 UTC
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A Crit­i­cal Re­view of Open Philan­thropy’s Bet On Crim­i­nal Jus­tice Reform

NunoSempere16 Jun 2022 16:40 UTC
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Solv­ing for the op­ti­mal work-life bal­ance with ge­o­met­ric rationality

Eric Neyman28 Nov 2022 17:16 UTC
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How bad could a war get?

Stephen Clare4 Nov 2022 9:25 UTC
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A Pre­limi­nary Model of Mis­sion-Cor­re­lated Investing

MichaelDickens4 Apr 2022 18:50 UTC
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Niche vs. broad-ap­peal posts (& how this re­lates to use­ful­ness/​karma) (a sketch)

Lizka17 Dec 2022 18:11 UTC
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We can do bet­ter than argmax

Jan_Kulveit10 Oct 2022 10:32 UTC
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[Question] Model­ing hu­man­ity’s ro­bust­ness to GCRs?

QubitSwarm999 Jun 2022 17:20 UTC
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The Pug­wash Con­fer­ences and the Anti-Bal­lis­tic Mis­sile Treaty as a case study of Track II diplomacy

rani_martin16 Sep 2022 10:42 UTC
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Fore­cast­ing the cost-effec­tive­ness of try­ing some­thing new

Falk Lieder3 Apr 2023 12:29 UTC
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Ram­sey and In­ter­gen­er­a­tional Welfare Eco­nomics—Stan­ford En­cy­clo­pe­dia of Philosophy

BrownHairedEevee24 May 2023 0:27 UTC
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In­cor­po­rat­ing and vi­su­al­iz­ing un­cer­tainty in cost effec­tive­ness analy­ses: A walk­through us­ing GiveWell’s es­ti­mates for StrongMinds

Jamie Elsey7 Nov 2023 12:50 UTC
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[Question] Should Open Philan­thropy build de­tailed quan­ti­ta­tive mod­els which es­ti­mate global catas­trophic risk?

Vasco Grilo10 Apr 2024 17:17 UTC
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My cur­rent best guess on how to ag­gre­gate forecasts

Jaime Sevilla6 Oct 2021 8:33 UTC
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Sav­ing lives in nor­mal times is bet­ter to im­prove the longterm fu­ture than do­ing so in catas­tro­phes?

Vasco Grilo20 Apr 2024 8:37 UTC
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Co­op­er­at­ing with aliens and AGIs: An ECL explainer

Chi24 Feb 2024 22:58 UTC
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Everett branches, in­ter-light cone trade and other alien mat­ters: Ap­pendix to “An ECL ex­plainer”

Chi24 Feb 2024 23:09 UTC
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FIRE & EA: Seek­ing feed­back on “Fi-lan­thropy” Calculator

Rebecca Herbst30 Jan 2023 20:20 UTC
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Ro­bust longterm comparisons

Toby_Ord15 May 2024 15:07 UTC
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How could we know that an AGI sys­tem will have good con­se­quences?

So8res7 Nov 2022 22:42 UTC
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If ev­ery­one makes the same crit­i­cism, the op­po­site crit­i­cism is more likely to be true

MichaelDickens17 Dec 2022 0:30 UTC
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“AI” is an indexical

ThomasW3 Jan 2023 22:00 UTC
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Went­worth and Larsen on buy­ing time

Akash9 Jan 2023 21:31 UTC
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Five slightly more hard­core Squig­gle mod­els.

NunoSempere10 Oct 2022 14:42 UTC
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“My Model Of EA Burnout” (Lo­gan Strohl)

Will Aldred3 Feb 2023 0:23 UTC
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Select Challenges with Crit­i­cism & Eval­u­a­tion Around EA

Ozzie Gooen10 Feb 2023 23:36 UTC
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AI al­ign­ment re­searchers don’t (seem to) stack

So8res21 Feb 2023 0:48 UTC
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Hyper­bolic Science: Or, Play­ing Games with Growth

Adam Green26 Aug 2022 2:41 UTC
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Lev­er­ag­ing fi­nance to in­crease re­silience to GCRs

PhilC17 Feb 2022 6:42 UTC
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Ex­is­ten­tial Risk and Eco­nomic Growth

leopold3 Sep 2019 13:23 UTC
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[Question] Math­e­mat­i­cal mod­els of Ethics

Victor-SB8 Mar 2023 10:50 UTC
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What makes money “Com­mit­ted” To EA? What makes an or­ga­ni­za­tion EA?

Charlie_Guthmann4 Oct 2022 22:51 UTC
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Three camps in AI x-risk dis­cus­sions: My per­sonal very over­sim­plified overview

Aryeh Englander30 Jun 2023 21:42 UTC
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Con­crete Ad­vice for Form­ing In­side Views on AI Safety

Neel Nanda17 Aug 2022 23:26 UTC
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Is schem­ing more likely in mod­els trained to have long-term goals? (Sec­tions of “Schem­ing AIs”)

Joe_Carlsmith30 Nov 2023 16:43 UTC
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[Question] Does EA have good mod­els of cur­rent global spend­ing on cli­mate change pre­ven­tion, miti­ga­tion, or adap­ta­tion?

Noah Scales4 Oct 2022 23:41 UTC
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Cor­rec­tion to “The Value of Money Go­ing to Differ­ent Groups”

BenjaminSMiller28 Mar 2023 20:41 UTC
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Pan­demic Pre­pared­ness: Stake­hold­ers who in­fluence poli­ti­ci­ans in the UK

Alexandra Malikova8 Dec 2022 22:15 UTC
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The space of sys­tems and the space of maps

Jan_Kulveit22 Mar 2023 16:05 UTC
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Fore­cast­ing: the way I think about it

Molly Hickman16 May 2024 19:01 UTC
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An­nounc­ing Squig­gle Hub

Ozzie Gooen5 Aug 2023 0:55 UTC
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Poli­ti­cal Science Quan­ti­ta­tive Meth­ods and EA

Mahendra Prasad16 Sep 2022 23:28 UTC
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Le Tem­p­is­tiche delle IA: il di­bat­tito e il punto di vista degli “es­perti”

EA Italy17 Jan 2023 23:30 UTC
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My ver­sion of Si­mu­lacra Levels

kokotajlod26 Apr 2023 19:06 UTC
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Ar­gu­ments for/​against schem­ing that fo­cus on the path SGD takes (Sec­tion 3 of “Schem­ing AIs”)

Joe_Carlsmith5 Dec 2023 18:48 UTC
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Why we’re get­ting the Fidelity Model wrong

Alishaandomeda17 Dec 2022 11:40 UTC
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Trust de­vel­ops grad­u­ally via mak­ing bids and set­ting boundaries

richard_ngo19 May 2023 22:16 UTC
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Re­boot­ing AI Gover­nance: An AI-Driven Ap­proach to AI Governance

Max Reddel20 May 2023 19:06 UTC
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Some (prob­le­matic) aes­thet­ics of what con­sti­tutes good work in academia

Steven Byrnes11 Mar 2024 17:47 UTC
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[Link post] Michael Niel­sen’s “Notes on Ex­is­ten­tial Risk from Ar­tifi­cial Su­per­in­tel­li­gence”

Joel Becker19 Sep 2023 13:31 UTC
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EA cause ar­eas are likely power-law dis­tributed too

Stian25 May 2023 20:25 UTC
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Spe­cial­iza­tion and Giv­ing to Charity

carter allen27 May 2023 4:27 UTC
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AI Timelines: Where the Ar­gu­ments, and the “Ex­perts,” Stand

Holden Karnofsky7 Sep 2021 17:35 UTC
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[Question] Does EA have a model for sci­en­tific im­pact?

Jay Bailey8 Apr 2022 1:34 UTC
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Some bi­ases and se­lec­tion effects in AI risk discourse

Tamsin Leake12 Dec 2023 17:55 UTC
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Ad­vice for En­ter­ing AI Safety Research

stecas2 Jun 2023 20:46 UTC
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Part 1: The AI Safety com­mu­nity has four main work groups, Strat­egy, Gover­nance, Tech­ni­cal and Move­ment Building

PeterSlattery25 Nov 2022 3:45 UTC
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A model about the effect of to­tal ex­is­ten­tial risk on ca­reer choice

Jonas Moss10 Sep 2022 7:18 UTC
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On sincerity

Joe_Carlsmith23 Dec 2022 17:14 UTC
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Carlo: un­cer­tainty anal­y­sis in Google Sheets

ProbabilityEnjoyer18 Mar 2024 13:06 UTC
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Im­pact mar­kets may in­cen­tivize pre­dictably net-nega­tive projects

Ofer21 Jun 2022 13:00 UTC
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For­mal­is­ing the “Wash­ing Out Hy­poth­e­sis”

dwebb25 Mar 2021 11:40 UTC
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My ten­ta­tive best guess on how EAs and Ra­tion­al­ists some­times turn crazy

Habryka21 Jun 2023 4:11 UTC
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Sce­nario plan­ning for AI x-risk

Corin Katzke10 Feb 2024 0:07 UTC
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Lo­ca­tion Model­ling for Post-Nu­clear Re­fuge Bunkers

Bleddyn Mottershead14 Feb 2024 7:09 UTC
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Much EA value comes from be­ing a Schel­ling point

L Rudolf L10 Sep 2022 7:26 UTC
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Probly: a Python-like lan­guage for prob­a­bil­is­tic modelling

ProbabilityEnjoyer18 Mar 2024 13:19 UTC
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Which coun­tries should be pri­ori­tised in pre­vent­ing the in­ten­sifi­ca­tion of fac­tory farm­ing in Sub Sa­haran Africa?

Aashish K17 Mar 2024 17:52 UTC
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[Question] Is the game de­sign/​art maxim more gen­er­al­iz­able to crit­i­cism/​praise it­self?

Sharmake22 Sep 2022 21:21 UTC
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Be less trust­ing of in­tu­itive ar­gu­ments about so­cial phe­nom­ena

Nathan_Barnard18 Dec 2022 1:11 UTC
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[Question] How Often Does ¬Cor­re­la­tion ⇏ ¬Cau­sa­tion?

niplav2 Apr 2024 18:19 UTC
5 points
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