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Field-building refers to influencing existing fields of research or advocacy or developing new ones, through advocacy, creating organisations, or funding people to work in the field.

Examples of field-building activities include scholarships and teaching buyouts (e.g. Forethought Foundation, several grantmakers); Charity Entrepreneurship’s Incubation Program;[1] Future of Humanity Institute’s Research Scholars Programme;[2] and conferences (such as Effective Altruism Global).

Further reading

Muehlhauser, Luke (2017) Some case studies in early field growth, Open Philanthropy, August.

Vaughan, Kerry (2016) What the EA community can learn from the rise of the neoliberals, Effective Altruism, December 5.

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    Charity Entrepreneurship (2021) Incubation Program, Charity Entrepreneurship.

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    Hadshar, Rose (2020) What FHI’s Research Scholars Programme is like: views from scholars, Effective Altruism Forum, August 11, 2020.

Feed­back I’ve been giv­ing to ju­nior x-risk researchers

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What’s wrong with the EA-al­igned re­search pipeline?

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We all teach: here’s how to do it better

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In­ter­ven­tion op­tions for im­prov­ing the EA-al­igned re­search pipeline

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Goals we might have when tak­ing ac­tions to im­prove the EA-al­igned re­search pipeline

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CERI Re­search Sym­po­sium Pre­sen­ta­tions (incl. Youtube links)

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Nu­clear Risk Overview: CERI Sum­mer Re­search Fellowship

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Nu­clear risk re­search ideas: Sum­mary & introduction

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Mis­cel­la­neous & Meta X-Risk Overview: CERI Sum­mer Re­search Fellowship

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Ap­ply for men­tor­ship in AI Safety field-building

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Effec­tive Altru­ism as Co­or­di­na­tion & Field Incubation

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Di­ag­nos­ing EA Re­search- Are stake­holder-en­gaged meth­ods the solu­tion?

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[Question] I have thou­sands of copies of HPMOR in Rus­sian. How to use them with the most im­pact?

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The His­tory of AI Rights Research

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What is meta Effec­tive Altru­ism?

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CEA is dis­con­tin­u­ing its fo­cus uni­ver­sity pro­gram­ming, pass­ing fund­ing to Open Philanthropy

Joan13 Apr 2022 11:25 UTC
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*New* Canada AI Safety & Gover­nance community

Wyatt Tessari L'Allié29 Aug 2022 15:58 UTC
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The Tree of Life: Stan­ford AI Align­ment The­ory of Change

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Seek­ing feed­back on a MOOC draft plan: Skills for Do­ing Good Better

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Cli­mate Change Overview: CERI Sum­mer Re­search Fellowship

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What AI Safety Ma­te­ri­als Do ML Re­searchers Find Com­pel­ling?

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New Re­port on Early Field Growth

lukeprog26 Apr 2017 13:19 UTC
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Ret­ro­spec­tive on the Sum­mer 2021 AGI Safety Fundamentals

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Nar­ra­tion: Im­prov­ing the EA-al­igned re­search pipeline: Se­quence introduction

D0TheMath27 Jul 2021 0:56 UTC
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In­tro­duc­ing cFac­tual—a new, EA-al­igned consultancy

Jona20 Dec 2022 10:56 UTC
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Re­sources I send to AI re­searchers about AI safety

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Why peo­ple want to work on AI safety (but don’t)

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Ret­ro­spec­tive on the AI Safety Field Build­ing Hub

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“AI Risk Dis­cus­sions” web­site: Ex­plor­ing in­ter­views from 97 AI Researchers

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AI Safety Ar­gu­ments: An In­ter­ac­tive Guide

Lukas Trötzmüller1 Feb 2023 19:21 UTC
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PhD Schol­ar­ships for EA pro­jects in psy­chol­ogy, health, IIDM, or education

Michael Noetel5 Aug 2021 6:49 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the ERA Cam­bridge Sum­mer Re­search Fellowship

Nandini Shiralkar16 Mar 2023 11:37 UTC
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Con­tribute by fa­cil­i­tat­ing the AGI Safety Fun­da­men­tals Programme

Jamie Bernardi6 Dec 2021 11:50 UTC
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AGI Safety Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Initiative

Ines11 Jun 2022 16:30 UTC
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My sum­mary of “Prag­matic AI Safety”

Eleni_A5 Nov 2022 14:47 UTC
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Ques­tions about AI that bother me

Eleni_A31 Jan 2023 6:50 UTC
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Meta strat­egy for new pro­jects/​organisations

Nandini Shiralkar15 Apr 2022 10:48 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the CERI Sum­mer Re­search Fellowship

Dewi7 Mar 2022 19:07 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the AI Safety Field Build­ing Hub, a new effort to provide AISFB pro­jects, men­tor­ship, and funding

Vael Gates28 Jul 2022 21:29 UTC
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[Question] How can we se­cure more re­search po­si­tions at our uni­ver­si­ties for x-risk re­searchers?

Neil Crawford6 Sep 2022 14:41 UTC
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Air-gap­ping eval­u­a­tion and support

Ryan Kidd26 Dec 2022 22:52 UTC
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Anal­y­sis of AI Safety sur­veys for field-build­ing insights

Ash Jafari5 Dec 2022 17:37 UTC
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Reflec­tions on the PIBBSS Fel­low­ship 2022

nora11 Dec 2022 22:03 UTC
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Mak­ing Com­mu­nity Build­ing a more at­trac­tive ca­reer path

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ML Safety Schol­ars Sum­mer 2022 Retrospective

ThomasW1 Nov 2022 3:09 UTC
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EAG & EAGx lodg­ing considerations

more better 4 May 2022 23:58 UTC
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