Im­pact assessment

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Impact assessment is a structured process for evaluating the impact of an intervention. Impact assessments can focus on an intervention’s expected impact (ex-ante or prospective impact assessment) or on its actual impact (ex-post or retrospective impact assessment).[1]

Impact assessment is sometimes contrasted with impact evaluation, which is understood to be broader in scope and includes impacts not considered in standard impact assessments.[1]

Further reading

Fortuny, Loreley (2018) Impact assessment, International Association for Impact Assessment.

OECD (2022) What is impact assessment?, OECD, March.

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    OECD (2022) What is impact assessment?, OECD, March.

Re­think Pri­ori­ties Im­pact Survey

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Univer­sal cost-effec­tive­ness calculator

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Ev­i­dence of effec­tive­ness and trans­parency of a few effec­tive giv­ing organisations

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How will we know if we are do­ing good bet­ter: The case for more and bet­ter mon­i­tor­ing and eval­u­a­tion

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Shal­low eval­u­a­tions of longter­mist organizations

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Lo­cal char­ity eval­u­a­tion: Les­sons from the “Max­i­mum Im­pact” Pro­gram in Israel

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An ex­per­i­ment to eval­u­ate the value of one re­searcher’s work

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Allo­cat­ing Global Aid to Max­i­mize Utility

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How the Giv­ing Games Pro­ject Tracks Its Impact

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[Question] How effec­tive are the “Best Char­i­ties by Cause” or­ga­ni­za­tions recom­mended by Char­ity Nav­i­ga­tor?

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Path­ways to im­pact for fore­cast­ing and evaluation

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Is there some­thing like GiveWell for gov­ern­ment pro­grams?

aoreidmarr20 Dec 2021 22:25 UTC
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Fu­ture benefits of miti­gat­ing food shocks caused by abrupt sun­light re­duc­tion scenarios

Vasco Grilo4 Mar 2023 16:22 UTC
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Effec­tive Th­e­sis—Ac­tivi­ties and Im­pact Eval­u­a­tion [June 2021-June 2022]

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A Bayesian frame­work for in­ter­pret­ing im­pact evaluations

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Eval­u­at­ing Life Ex­ten­sion Ad­vo­cacy Foun­da­tion

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[Question] Why isn’t there a char­ity eval­u­a­tor for longter­mist pro­jects?

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The Top AI Safety Bets for 2023: GiveWiki’s Lat­est Recommendations

Dawn Drescher11 Nov 2023 9:04 UTC
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A BOTEC-Model for Com­par­ing Im­pact Es­ti­ma­tions in Com­mu­nity Building

Patrick Gruban14 Mar 2023 6:26 UTC
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In­crease in fu­ture po­ten­tial due to miti­gat­ing food shocks caused by abrupt sun­light re­duc­tion scenarios

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Shap­ley val­ues: an in­tro­duc­tory example

Stan Pinsent12 Nov 2023 13:35 UTC
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Re­search pro­ject idea: Im­pact as­sess­ment of nu­clear-risk-re­lated orgs, pro­grammes, move­ments, etc.

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An es­ti­mate of the value of Me­tac­u­lus questions

NunoSempere22 Oct 2021 17:45 UTC
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[Question] Im­pact of Char­ity Eval­u­a­tions on Eval­u­ated Char­i­ties’ Effectiveness

EdoArad25 Jan 2021 13:24 UTC
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A Model Es­ti­mat­ing the Value of Re­search In­fluenc­ing Funders

kierangreig29 Sep 2023 11:00 UTC
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So­cial im­pact of the dona­tions of the 10 rich­est peo­ple in the world—very shal­low analysis

Vasco Grilo28 Jan 2023 7:40 UTC
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Clean tech­nol­ogy in­no­va­tion as the most cost-effec­tive cli­mate action

Stijn6 Dec 2020 20:06 UTC
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EA Es­to­nia’s Im­pact in 2022

RichardAnnilo29 May 2023 10:03 UTC
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Zachary Robin­son: Us­ing “back of the en­velope calcu­la­tions” (BOTECs) to pri­ori­tize interventions

EA Global25 Oct 2020 5:48 UTC
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Linkpost: “Bet­ter vaguely right than pre­cisely wrong in effec­tive al­tru­ism: the prob­lem of marginal­ism”

Joseph Lemien10 Aug 2023 18:47 UTC
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2017 LEAN Im­pact Assess­ment: Qual­i­ta­tive Findings

Richenda3 Jan 2018 20:42 UTC
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Pre­dict­ing the Value of Small Altru­is­tic Pro­jects: A Proof of Con­cept Ex­per­i­ment.

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An eval­u­a­tion of Mind Ease, an anti-anx­iety app

Hauke Hillebrandt26 Jul 2021 11:35 UTC
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[Question] What should the norms around pri­vacy and eval­u­a­tion in the EA com­mu­nity be?

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[Sum­mary] Im­pacts of An­i­mal Well‐Be­ing and Welfare Me­dia on Meat Demand

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A Land­scape Anal­y­sis of In­sti­tu­tional Im­prove­ment Opportunities

IanDavidMoss21 Mar 2022 0:15 UTC
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Many (many!) char­i­ties are too small to mea­sure their own impact

Aaron Gertler15 Feb 2021 6:39 UTC
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Re­think Pri­ori­ties 2020 Im­pact and 2021 Strategy

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Why sci­en­tific re­search is less effec­tive in pro­duc­ing value than it could be: a mapping

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Longterm cost-effec­tive­ness of Founders Pledge’s Cli­mate Change Fund

Vasco Grilo14 Sep 2022 15:11 UTC
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Coun­ter­fac­tual credit assignment

Brian_Tomasik24 Jul 2013 4:00 UTC
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Ex­pected Value Es­ti­mates You Can (Maybe) Take Literally

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Win­ners of the EA Crit­i­cism and Red Team­ing Contest

Lizka1 Oct 2022 1:50 UTC
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Shap­ley Values II: Philantropic Co­or­di­na­tion The­ory & other mis­cel­lanea.

NunoSempere10 Mar 2020 17:36 UTC
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In defense of a “statis­ti­cal” life

GHuang17 Feb 2021 10:38 UTC
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Life­time Im­pact of a GiveWell Re­searcher?

agent1816 Aug 2021 23:26 UTC
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Im­pact is very complicated

Justis22 May 2022 4:24 UTC
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Quan­tify­ing the Value of Evaluations

Elizabeth10 Jan 2021 22:59 UTC
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Re­think Pri­ori­ties 2019 Im­pact and Strategy

Peter Wildeford2 Dec 2019 16:32 UTC
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[Question] On GiveWell’s es­ti­mates of the cost of sav­ing a life

aaron_mai1 Oct 2020 10:22 UTC
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[Question] Do re­search or­gani­sa­tions make the­ory of change di­a­grams? Should they?

MichaelA22 Jul 2020 4:58 UTC
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Assess­ing SERI/​CHERI/​CERI sum­mer pro­gram im­pact by sur­vey­ing fellows

LRudL26 Sep 2022 15:29 UTC
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Pro­posal for Fore­cast­ing Givewell-Char­ity Im­pact-Metrics

Patrick Gruban13 Apr 2022 10:21 UTC
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R. Daniel Bressler: Cli­mate change deaths in­crease the so­cial cost of carbon

EA Global13 Jan 2021 20:35 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism Foun­da­tion: Plans for 2020

Jonas Vollmer23 Dec 2019 11:51 UTC
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Quan­tify­ing the Far Fu­ture Effects of Interventions

MichaelDickens18 May 2016 2:15 UTC
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So­phie Her­manns: Big data in global health (light­ning talk)

EA Global3 Nov 2017 7:43 UTC
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RC For­ward—Canada’s Effec­tive Giv­ing Ex­per­i­ment: Re­sults & Plans for 2019

Tee28 Dec 2018 19:28 UTC
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What are good rubrics or rubric el­e­ments to eval­u­ate and pre­dict im­pact?

NunoSempere3 Dec 2020 21:52 UTC
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[Question] Prize: In­ter­est­ing Ex­am­ples of Evaluations

Elizabeth28 Nov 2020 21:11 UTC
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[Question] Are there good in­tro­duc­tory ma­te­ri­als that ex­plain how char­ity eval­u­a­tion works?

BrownHairedEevee6 May 2022 3:03 UTC
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High School EA Outreach

Catherine Low7 May 2019 2:04 UTC
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Why EA meta, and the top 3 char­ity ideas in the space

Joey6 Jan 2021 15:47 UTC
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Es­ti­mat­ing the marginal im­pact of outreach

Duncan Mcclements30 Nov 2022 9:29 UTC
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[Link] The Op­ti­mizer’s Curse & Wrong-Way Reductions

Chris Smith4 Apr 2019 13:28 UTC
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In­tro­duc­ing The Log­i­cal Foun­da­tion, an EA-Aligned Non­profit with a Plan to End Poverty With Guaran­teed Income

Michael Simm18 Nov 2022 8:13 UTC
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Are GiveWell Top Char­i­ties Too Spec­u­la­tive?

MichaelDickens21 Dec 2015 4:05 UTC
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Pro­ject: A web plat­form for crowd­sourc­ing im­pact es­ti­mates of in­ter­ven­tions.

Max Clarke22 Apr 2022 6:54 UTC
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Towards More Mo­du­lar Value/​Im­pact Estimates

Charlie_Guthmann3 Nov 2022 19:33 UTC
17 points
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De­creas­ing pop­ulism and im­prov­ing democ­racy, ev­i­dence-based policy, and rationality

Hauke Hillebrandt27 Jul 2021 18:14 UTC
47 points
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Re­think Grants: an eval­u­a­tion of Dona­tional’s Cor­po­rate Am­bas­sador Program

Derek23 Jul 2019 23:53 UTC
54 points
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Les­sons from a full-time com­mu­nity builder. Part 1 of 4. Im­pact assessment

weeatquince4 Oct 2017 18:14 UTC
14 points
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2020 AI Align­ment Liter­a­ture Re­view and Char­ity Comparison

Larks21 Dec 2020 15:25 UTC
155 points
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Eval­u­a­tion Frame­works (or: When Im­por­tance /​ Ne­glect­ed­ness /​ Tractabil­ity Doesn’t Ap­ply)

MichaelDickens10 Jun 2016 21:35 UTC
10 points
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AI Gover­nance: Op­por­tu­nity and The­ory of Impact

Allan Dafoe17 Sep 2020 6:30 UTC
256 points
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Why Char­i­ties Usu­ally Don’t Differ Astro­nom­i­cally in Ex­pected Cost-Effectiveness

Brian_Tomasik16 Sep 2017 10:40 UTC
93 points
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Ways money can make things worse

Jan_Kulveit21 Jun 2022 15:26 UTC
167 points
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Stu­dents for High-Im­pact Char­ity: 2018 Update

baxterb8 Aug 2018 23:52 UTC
17 points
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Find­ing bugs in GiveWell’s top charities

Vasco Grilo23 Jan 2023 16:49 UTC
42 points
14 comments6 min readEA link

Ini­ti­at­ing Ev­i­dence-Driven Com­mu­nity Building

Sabin Subedi9 May 2022 10:05 UTC
24 points
1 comment1 min readEA link

Suc­cess Max­i­miza­tion: An Alter­na­tive to Ex­pected Utility The­ory and a Gen­er­al­iza­tion of Max­ipok to Mo­ral Uncertainty

Mahendra Prasad26 Nov 2022 1:53 UTC
13 points
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Cost Effec­tive­ness of Mind­ful­ness Based Stress Reduction

Elizabeth30 Nov 2017 19:04 UTC
13 points
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Cost-effec­tive­ness of The Hu­mane League’s cor­po­rate cam­paigns: 2015-2017

Avi Norowitz31 Mar 2018 22:17 UTC
14 points
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Us­ing Sub­jec­tive Well-Be­ing to Es­ti­mate the Mo­ral Weights of Avert­ing Deaths and Re­duc­ing Poverty

MichaelPlant3 Aug 2020 16:17 UTC
97 points
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A Hap­piness Man­i­festo: Why and How Effec­tive Altru­ism Should Re­think its Ap­proach to Max­imis­ing Hu­man Welfare

MichaelPlant25 Oct 2018 15:48 UTC
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The TUILS/​COILS Frame­work for Im­prov­ing Pro-Con Analysis

Harrison Durland8 Apr 2021 1:37 UTC
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[Question] What is the re­la­tion­ship be­tween im­pact and EA Fo­rum karma?

Vasco Grilo6 Dec 2022 10:42 UTC
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What has Effec­tive Altru­ism ac­tu­ally done?

Chris Leong14 Jan 2019 14:07 UTC
29 points
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Tree plant­ing cost-effectiveness

Vasco Grilo3 Dec 2022 9:20 UTC
49 points
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Con­cerns with ACE research

John G. Halstead7 Sep 2018 14:56 UTC
40 points
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Could I have some more sys­temic change, please, sir?

MichaelPlant22 Jan 2018 16:26 UTC
24 points
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Pro­posal: Im­pact List—like the Forbes List ex­cept for im­pact via donations

Elliot_Olds30 May 2022 17:28 UTC
83 points
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Brief eval­u­a­tions of top-10 billionnaires

NunoSempere21 Oct 2022 15:29 UTC
79 points
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As part of EA Fel­low­ship need the help of ex­perts in the field of ped­a­gogy and /​ or psychology

Daniel Shechter21 Apr 2021 5:15 UTC
14 points
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What is the ex­pected value of cre­at­ing a GiveWell top char­ity?

Peter Wildeford18 Dec 2016 2:02 UTC
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EA-Aligned Im­pact In­vest­ing: Mind Ease Case Study

Brendon_Wong15 Nov 2021 15:57 UTC
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Lant Pritch­ett’s “smell test”: is your im­pact eval­u­a­tion ask­ing ques­tions that mat­ter?

Aaron Gertler18 Mar 2020 23:38 UTC
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Retroac­tive fund­ing im­pact quan­tifi­ca­tion and maximization

brb24310 Jun 2022 22:33 UTC
7 points
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Health and hap­piness re­search top­ics—Part 1: Back­ground on QALYs and DALYs

Derek9 Dec 2020 0:38 UTC
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How much does it cost to save a life in the med­iter­ranean sea?

SamMumm9 Sep 2020 21:18 UTC
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High Time For Drug Policy Re­form. Part 4/​4: Es­ti­mat­ing Cost-Effec­tive­ness vs Other Causes; What EA Should Do Next

MichaelPlant12 Aug 2017 18:03 UTC
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Health and hap­piness re­search top­ics—Part 2: The HALY+: Im­prov­ing prefer­ence-based health metrics

Derek3 Jan 2021 15:08 UTC
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Help, Please: In­te­grat­ing EA Ideas into Large Re­search Organization

Lauren Zitney30 Oct 2021 1:23 UTC
37 points
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Book Give­away Im­pact Anal­y­sis (Do­ing Good Bet­ter in NZ)

Ivan Burduk13 Jul 2021 13:52 UTC
62 points
15 comments8 min readEA link

[Question] How to mea­sure (hu­man) im­pact?

QubitSwarm9927 Sep 2021 20:13 UTC
7 points
0 comments1 min readEA link

Im­pactMat­ters was ac­quired by Char­i­tyNav­i­ga­tor; but it doesn’t seem to have been in­cor­po­rated, pre­sented, or used in a great way. (Up­date/​boost)

david_reinstein13 Jan 2022 19:00 UTC
25 points
7 comments2 min readEA link

An in­te­grated model to eval­u­ate the im­pact of an­i­mal products

kbog9 Jan 2019 11:04 UTC
40 points
18 comments4 min readEA link

[Out­dated] In­tro­duc­ing the Stock Is­sues Frame­work: The INT Frame­work’s Cousin and an “Ad­vanced” Cost-Benefit Anal­y­sis Framework

Harrison Durland3 Oct 2020 7:18 UTC
14 points
0 comments8 min readEA link

Triple count­ing im­pact in EA

Joey26 May 2018 23:00 UTC
56 points
19 comments4 min readEA link

Op­tion Value, an In­tro­duc­tory Guide

Caleb_Maresca21 Feb 2020 14:45 UTC
31 points
3 comments7 min readEA link

Overview of five short-term im­pact eval­u­a­tion methods

brb2438 Apr 2022 16:51 UTC
5 points
0 comments3 min readEA link

Es­ti­mat­ing the Value of Mo­bile Money

Jeff Kaufman21 Dec 2016 13:58 UTC
8 points
18 comments3 min readEA link

Every­one—show us your numbers

Esben Kran26 Apr 2022 6:10 UTC
52 points
5 comments4 min readEA link

How to al­lo­cate im­pact shares of a past project

brb24310 Jun 2022 22:32 UTC
13 points
5 comments1 min readEA link

Es­ti­mat­ing long-term treat­ment effects with­out long-term out­come data

Global Priorities Institute29 Sep 2020 13:30 UTC
3 points
0 comments4 min readEA link

Cost-effec­tive­ness of op­er­a­tions man­age­ment in high-im­pact organisations

Vasco Grilo27 Nov 2022 10:33 UTC
48 points
11 comments12 min readEA link

Effec­tive Altru­ism and In­ter­na­tional Trade

brb24315 Oct 2019 3:21 UTC
38 points
77 comments5 min readEA link

[Question] Please Share Your Per­spec­tives on the De­gree of So­cietal Im­pact from Trans­for­ma­tive AI Outcomes

Kiliank15 Apr 2022 1:23 UTC
3 points
3 comments1 min readEA link

Long-last­ing in­sec­ti­cide treated nets: $3,340 per life saved, $100 per DALY averted. How is this calcu­lated?

Hauke Hillebrandt13 Jul 2015 16:08 UTC
10 points
10 comments2 min readEA link

What do DALYs cap­ture?

Danae_Arroyos20 Sep 2017 21:18 UTC
15 points
10 comments11 min readEA link

Health and hap­piness re­search top­ics—Part 3: The sHALY: Devel­op­ing sub­jec­tive wellbe­ing-based health metrics

Derek30 Dec 2020 15:27 UTC
37 points
2 comments38 min readEA link

The great calculator

MichaelDello26 Mar 2016 3:48 UTC
9 points
24 comments1 min readEA link

Get­ting past the DALY: differ­ent mea­sures of “pos­i­tive im­pact”

drbrake20 Nov 2018 5:45 UTC
10 points
10 comments1 min readEA link

How much fur­ther does your dol­lar go over­seas?

RandomEA4 Feb 2018 21:28 UTC
16 points
5 comments17 min readEA link

A Re­port on run­ning 1-1s with EA Vir­tual Pro­grams’ Participants

Elika10 Jan 2023 1:34 UTC
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[Question] Rat­ings Direc­tory for Companies

Shemona Singh25 Jan 2023 1:05 UTC
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[Question] [At­las Fel­low­ship] Why do 100 high-school­ers need $50k each from Open Philan­thropy?

Sparcalum24 Feb 2023 16:57 UTC
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Speedrun: Develop an af­ford­able su­per PPE

Buhl7 Feb 2023 18:43 UTC
101 points
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Speedrun: AI Align­ment Prizes

joe9 Feb 2023 11:55 UTC
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Philan­thropy to the Right of Boom [Founders Pledge]

christian.r14 Feb 2023 17:08 UTC
81 points
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Speedrun: De­mon­strate the abil­ity to rapidly scale food pro­duc­tion in the case of nu­clear winter

Buhl13 Feb 2023 19:00 UTC
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Char­ity Nav­i­ga­tor ac­quired Im­pactMat­ters and is start­ing to men­tion “cost-effec­tive­ness” as important

Luke Freeman14 Oct 2020 21:43 UTC
48 points
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Fu­ture Academy—Suc­cesses, Challenges, and Recom­men­da­tions to the Community

SebastianSchmidt8 Jul 2023 20:15 UTC
60 points
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Against much fi­nan­cial risk tolerance

trammell30 Jul 2023 22:27 UTC
89 points
28 comments51 min readEA link

Es­ti­mat­ing the cost-effec­tive­ness of pre­vi­ous R&D projects

Falk Lieder24 Apr 2023 9:48 UTC
25 points
0 comments11 min readEA link

How much would billion­aire philan­thropists need to scale up their giv­ing to meet the Giv­ing Pledge in their life­time?

Max Görlitz7 May 2023 15:32 UTC
16 points
2 comments1 min readEA link

Im­pact Eval­u­a­tion in EA

callum26 Oct 2023 23:18 UTC
136 points
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Effek­tiv Spen­den’s Im­pact Eval­u­a­tion 2019-2023 (exec. sum­mary)

Sebastian Schienle1 Dec 2023 8:16 UTC
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[Question] To donate or not to donate [a lobe of my liver]?

Kyle J. Lucchese25 Aug 2023 16:26 UTC
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Eval­u­a­tion re­port: Max­i­mum Im­pact Pilot 2023

Yonatan Schoen19 Sep 2023 15:25 UTC
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A Guide for Effec­tive Vol­un­teer­ing: Max­i­miz­ing Your Impact

karenav14 Aug 2023 11:40 UTC
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