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Economics is the social science of how economic actors interact with things they value, especially goods and services in an economy. Economic behavior is often studied using rational choice theory, which assumes that actors in a social system make decisions so as to maximize their individual utility functions; the subfield of behavioral economics provides evidence as to when, and to what extent, economic actors conform to the assumptions of rational choice theory.

Economic methods are often used to guide cause prioritization and decision-making in effective altruism.

Further reading

Bernard, David Rhys (2020) An introduction to global priorities research for economists, Effective Altruism Forum, August 28.

Duda, Roman (2015) Why an economics PhD might be the best grad degree, 80,000 Hours, June.

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Economics. Wikipedia entry.

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Growth and the case against ran­domista development

Hauke Hillebrandt16 Jan 2020 10:11 UTC
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Ex­is­ten­tial Risk and Eco­nomic Growth

leopold3 Sep 2019 13:23 UTC
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The value of money go­ing to differ­ent groups

Toby_Ord16 May 2017 13:11 UTC
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De­creas­ing pop­ulism and im­prov­ing democ­racy, ev­i­dence-based policy, and rationality

Hauke Hillebrandt27 Jul 2021 18:14 UTC
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Does Eco­nomic His­tory Point Toward a Sin­gu­lar­ity?

Ben Garfinkel2 Sep 2020 12:48 UTC
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RCTs in Devel­op­ment Eco­nomics, Their Crit­ics and Their Evolu­tion (Og­den, 2020) [linkpost]

KarolinaSarek6 Apr 2021 12:29 UTC
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Dataset of Trillion Dol­lar figures

Hauke Hillebrandt13 Jan 2020 13:33 UTC
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In­ter­ven­tion Re­port: Char­ter Cities

David Rhys Bernard12 Jun 2021 13:54 UTC
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Re­search idea: Eval­u­ate the IGM eco­nomic ex­perts panel

MaxRa18 Jan 2022 18:42 UTC
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Cause area pro­posal: In­ter­na­tional Macroe­co­nomic Policy

arushigupta12 Aug 2022 5:58 UTC
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Overview of Cap­i­tal­ism and So­cial­ism for Effec­tive Altruism

kbog16 May 2019 6:12 UTC
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[Question] Is there a sub­field of eco­nomics de­voted to “frag­ility vs re­silience”?

steve632021 Jul 2020 2:21 UTC
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Should Effec­tive Char­i­ties Pre­pare for a Re­ces­sion?

zdgroff29 Nov 2018 0:02 UTC
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Cul­tured meat: A com­par­i­son of techno-eco­nomic analyses

Linch24 Sep 2021 22:20 UTC
162 points
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2-week sum­mer course in “eco­nomic the­ory and global pri­ori­ti­za­tion”: LMK if in­ter­ested!

trammell19 Nov 2021 11:12 UTC
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In­tro­duc­ing EAe­con: Com­mu­nity-Build­ing Project

Brian Jabarian30 May 2022 8:06 UTC
140 points
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[Question] Are we en­ter­ing an ex­per­i­ment in Modern Mone­tary The­ory (MMT)?

AslanP11 May 2020 22:55 UTC
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“Why Na­tions Fail” and the long-ter­mist view of global poverty

Ben_Kuhn16 Jul 2019 7:59 UTC
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Equil­ibria Club: newslet­ter on eco­nomic and poli­ti­cal systems

VictorSintNicolaas11 Apr 2021 13:08 UTC
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[Question] Is there ev­i­dence that recom­mender sys­tems are chang­ing users’ prefer­ences?

zdgroff12 Apr 2021 19:11 UTC
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[Question] Will AGI cause mass tech­nolog­i­cal un­em­ploy­ment?

BrownHairedEevee22 Jun 2020 20:55 UTC
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Eric Drexler: Pare­to­topian goal alignment

EA Global15 Mar 2019 14:51 UTC
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[Link] EAF Re­search agenda: “Co­op­er­a­tion, Con­flict, and Trans­for­ma­tive Ar­tifi­cial In­tel­li­gence”

stefan.torges17 Jan 2020 13:28 UTC
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[Question] Is­sues with Us­ing Willing­ness-to-Pay as a Pri­mary Tool for Welfare Analysis

charrin26 Jun 2021 7:26 UTC
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In­ter­ven­tion re­port: Agri­cul­tural land redistribution

David Rhys Bernard14 Jul 2021 14:29 UTC
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Eco­nomics PhD ap­pli­ca­tion sup­port—be­come a mentee!

Luzia8 Jul 2021 15:40 UTC
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Writ­ing about my job: Eco­nomics Professor

Kevin Kuruc28 Jul 2021 19:41 UTC
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How can economists best con­tribute to pan­demic pre­ven­tion and pre­pared­ness?

Rémi T22 Aug 2021 20:49 UTC
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How to Ac­cel­er­ate Tech­nolog­i­cal Progress—New Things Un­der the Sun

BrownHairedEevee3 Oct 2021 17:49 UTC
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Vi­talik: Cryp­toe­co­nomics and X-Risk Re­searchers Should Listen to Each Other More

Emerson Spartz21 Nov 2021 18:50 UTC
55 points
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Paul Chris­ti­ano – Ma­chine in­tel­li­gence and cap­i­tal accumulation

Tessa15 May 2014 0:10 UTC
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Hits-based de­vel­op­ment: fund­ing de­vel­op­ing-coun­try economists

Michael_Wiebe1 Jan 2022 0:28 UTC
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In­no­va­tion Re­search Boot­camp for Econ PhD Students

Kevin Kuruc4 Jan 2022 14:58 UTC
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Eco­nomic The­ory & Global Pri­ori­ti­za­tion (sum­mer 2022): Ap­ply now!

trammell7 Jan 2022 18:40 UTC
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Cri­tique of OpenPhil’s macroe­co­nomic policy advocacy

Hauke Hillebrandt24 Mar 2022 22:03 UTC
133 points
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Call for Papers: The Eco­nomics of An­i­mal Welfare, Stan­ford In­sti­tute for The­o­ret­i­cal Eco­nomics 2022

zdgroff4 Apr 2022 19:09 UTC
49 points
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An in­tro­duc­tion to global pri­ori­ties re­search for economists

David Rhys Bernard28 Aug 2020 12:07 UTC
97 points
6 comments7 min readEA link

Eco­nomic Pie Re­search as a Cause Area

mediche15 Apr 2022 10:41 UTC
4 points
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LW4EA: How Much is Your Time Worth?

Jeremy19 Apr 2022 2:03 UTC
9 points
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New co­op­er­a­tion mechanism—quadratic fund­ing with­out a match­ing pool

Filip Sondej5 Jun 2022 13:55 UTC
53 points
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Un­jour­nal: Call for par­ti­ci­pants and re­search

david_reinstein13 Jun 2022 11:11 UTC
40 points
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Will faster eco­nomic growth make us hap­pier? The rele­vance of the Easter­lin Para­dox to Progress Studies

MichaelPlant24 Jun 2022 12:29 UTC
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[Question] What work has been done on the post-AGI dis­tri­bu­tion of wealth?

levin6 Jul 2022 18:59 UTC
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When Giv­ing Peo­ple Money Doesn’t Help

Zvi 8 Jul 2022 12:00 UTC
44 points
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The Case for Mak­ing Pro­fes­sional De­grees Un­der­grad­u­ate Degrees

ColdButtonIssues8 Jul 2022 19:56 UTC
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Im­pact Mar­kets: The An­noy­ing Details

Scott Alexander15 Jul 2022 5:34 UTC
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[Cause Ex­plo­ra­tion Prizes] Ad­vanced Mar­ket Com­mit­ments for pub­lic goods

Ben Yeoh23 Aug 2022 11:39 UTC
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How do changes in rich world eco­nomic con­di­tions af­fect poor coun­tries?

Emmett Sexton23 Aug 2022 11:47 UTC
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In­creas­ing Ur­ban Den­sity as a Recom­mended Cause Area?

Niki Kotsenko11 Sep 2022 13:23 UTC
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Smart Move­ments Start Aca­demic Dis­ci­plines

ColdButtonIssues25 Sep 2022 15:58 UTC
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Pop­u­lar Per­sonal Fi­nan­cial Ad­vice ver­sus the Pro­fes­sors (James Choi, NBER)

BrownHairedEevee16 Oct 2022 22:21 UTC
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On the cor­re­spon­dence be­tween AI-mis­al­ign­ment and cog­ni­tive dis­so­nance us­ing a be­hav­ioral eco­nomics model

Stijn1 Nov 2022 9:15 UTC
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Eco­nomics and Pop­u­la­tion Growth Read­ing List

LuisMota30 Nov 2022 15:17 UTC
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Con­crete ac­tions to im­prove AI gov­er­nance: the be­havi­our sci­ence approach

AlexanderSaeri1 Dec 2022 21:34 UTC
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[Question] Should I tran­si­tion from eco­nomics to AI re­search?

EAguy28 Feb 2021 19:09 UTC
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Max Dal­ton: Pri­ori­ti­za­tion and economics

EA Global3 Nov 2017 7:43 UTC
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Cass Sun­stein: From be­havi­oural eco­nomics to pub­lic policy

EA Global6 Aug 2016 0:40 UTC
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Global catas­trophic fi­nan­cial risks?

Geoffrey Miller5 Feb 2018 23:26 UTC
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Amanda Askell: AI safety needs so­cial scientists

EA Global4 Mar 2019 15:50 UTC
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[Question] Would an EA have di­rected their ca­reer on fix­ing the sub­prime mort­gage crisis of ’07-’08 be­fore it hap­pened?

Venkatesh6 Apr 2021 16:07 UTC
26 points
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The Tur­ing Test pod­cast is back with Bryan Ca­plan!

Holly_Elmore15 Apr 2019 20:35 UTC
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Rob Wiblin’s top EconTalk epi­sode recommendations

Robert_Wiblin19 Oct 2017 0:08 UTC
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A wealth tax could have un­pre­dictable effects on poli­tics and philanthropy

Pablo31 Oct 2019 13:05 UTC
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An­i­mal-Welfare Eco­nomic Re­search Questions

Monica22 Dec 2018 1:10 UTC
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[Question] Is Modern Mone­tary The­ory a good idea?

Milan_Griffes16 Apr 2019 21:25 UTC
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How this year’s win­ners of the No­bel Prize in Eco­nomics in­fluenced GiveWell’s work

Pablo19 Oct 2019 2:56 UTC
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[Question] Is cap­i­tal­ism the root of all evil?

Ayman15 May 2021 16:32 UTC
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Re­duc­ing Trans­ac­tion Costs, or Coasean Effec­tive Altruism

IvanVendrov31 May 2021 1:11 UTC
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[Question] How large can the so­lar sys­tem’s econ­omy get?

WilliamKiely1 Jul 2021 2:29 UTC
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Global Health In­no­va­tion In­cen­tives, Pa­tent Trolls, and Ever­green­ing: Dis­cus­sion of Subtopics within US Pa­tent Policy

schethik30 Jul 2021 5:40 UTC
12 points
0 comments13 min readEA link

Mush­taq Khan on us­ing in­sti­tu­tional eco­nomics to pre­dict effec­tive gov­ern­ment reforms

80000_Hours30 Sep 2021 13:22 UTC
23 points
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[Question] Do you know any re­search com­par­ing the effec­tive­ness of in­di­rect and di­rect democ­racy?

VictorSintNicolaas31 Oct 2021 19:49 UTC
9 points
2 comments1 min readEA link

Com­plex­ity Science, Eco­nomics and the Art of Zen.

Michael Hinge4 Nov 2021 7:05 UTC
27 points
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See­ing the effects of your dona­tion and mak­ing in­cre­men­tal choices

david_reinstein5 Nov 2021 21:46 UTC
19 points
1 comment5 min readEA link

Per­sis­tence—A crit­i­cal re­view [ABRIDGED]

Jaime Sevilla10 Nov 2021 11:30 UTC
90 points
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Im­por­tant ideas for pri­ori­tiz­ing am­bi­tious fund­ing opportunities

jh3 Dec 2021 18:31 UTC
41 points
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Up­date on GPI’s ac­tivi­ties and plans for 2022

Global Priorities Institute28 Jan 2022 15:39 UTC
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Mar­ket De­sign Meets Effec­tive Altruism

Marshall19 Apr 2022 21:39 UTC
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Should you do an eco­nomics PhD (or mas­ter’s)?

david_reinstein19 Apr 2022 20:04 UTC
56 points
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Valu­ing Leisure Time

Richard Bruns21 Apr 2022 16:17 UTC
23 points
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Dis­cus­sion on Thomas Philip­pon’s pa­per on TFP growth be­ing linear

Arjun Yadav30 Apr 2022 13:17 UTC
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EAe­con Re­treat 2022: Ap­ply Now!

Brian Jabarian30 May 2022 8:06 UTC
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The Eco­nomics of An­i­mal Welfare

Leo13 Jun 2022 10:49 UTC
4 points
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Ar­bi­trage is a fun word

Ryan Adler29 Jun 2022 0:15 UTC
6 points
2 comments2 min readEA link

[Question] Is there any re­search on in­ter­nal­iz­ing x-risks or global catas­trophic risks into economies?

Ramiro6 Jul 2022 17:08 UTC
19 points
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Meat Externalities

Richard Y Chappell11 Jul 2022 3:23 UTC
78 points
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As­sis­tant pro­fes­sor­ship place­ments at top eco­nomics departments

LuisMota8 Jul 2022 12:38 UTC
28 points
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A Con­ver­sa­tion with Daniel Kahneman

BarryGrimes22 Jul 2022 14:29 UTC
29 points
0 comments14 min readEA link

The Eco­nomic Benefits of Pro­mot­ing and Pro­tect­ing the Rights of LGBTQ+ Com­mu­ni­ties in Devel­op­ing Countries

Susannah Hares10 Aug 2022 15:27 UTC
16 points
2 comments9 min readEA link

[Cause Ex­plo­ra­tion Prizes] Effec­tive Altru­is­tic Eco­nomic Model

Thomas (Tom) Schwendener11 Aug 2022 10:40 UTC
5 points
0 comments13 min readEA link

The case for Green Growth skep­ti­cism and GDP agnosticism

ErolaPons13 Aug 2022 18:36 UTC
48 points
22 comments14 min readEA link

[Question] Any­one has a refer­ence for “It’s es­ti­mated that abo­li­tion cost Bri­tain 2% of its GDP for 50 years”?

mikbp16 Aug 2022 19:26 UTC
11 points
0 comments1 min readEA link

The Wages of North-At­lantic Bias

Sach Wry19 Aug 2022 12:34 UTC
6 points
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LW4EA: Six eco­nomics mis­con­cep­tions of mine which I’ve re­solved over the last few years

Jeremy30 Aug 2022 15:20 UTC
8 points
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The great en­ergy de­scent—Part 2: Limits to growth and why we prob­a­bly won’t reach the stars

Corentin Biteau31 Aug 2022 21:51 UTC
10 points
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The Role of “Economism” in the Belief-For­ma­tion Sys­tems of Effec­tive Altruism

Thomas Aitken1 Sep 2022 7:33 UTC
26 points
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Ap­ply for eco­nomics PhD ap­pli­ca­tion men­tor­ship and sup­port!

TomHoulden2 Sep 2022 12:20 UTC
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The al­tru­is­tic case for Bit­coin (speci­fi­cally)

Alex Gunner3 Sep 2022 8:49 UTC
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Best Eco­nomics Course for A Re­search In­tern­ship in In­ter­na­tional Eco­nomics?

Jeff A12 Sep 2022 2:12 UTC
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Does Eco­nomic Growth Mean­ingfully Im­prove Well-be­ing? An Op­ti­mistic Re-Anal­y­sis of Easter­lin’s Re­search: Founders Pledge

Vadim Albinsky27 Sep 2022 16:28 UTC
255 points
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ETGP 2022: ma­te­ri­als, feed­back, and les­sons for 2023

trammell22 Sep 2022 13:12 UTC
111 points
4 comments7 min readEA link

Cli­mate-con­tin­gent Fi­nance, and A Gen­er­al­ized Mechanism for X-Risk Re­duc­tion Financing

johnjnay26 Sep 2022 13:23 UTC
6 points
1 comment26 min readEA link

[Question] Fe­male effec­tive al­tru­ists (ideally with re­search/​ac­tion in de­vel­op­ment eco­nomics) to sug­gest for a col­lo­quium talk?

acristia1 Oct 2022 9:51 UTC
6 points
8 comments1 min readEA link

A peek at pair­wise prefer­ence es­ti­ma­tion in eco­nomics, mar­ket­ing, and statistics

Jonas Moss8 Oct 2022 4:56 UTC
30 points
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Growth The­ory Read­ing List

LuisMota12 Oct 2022 14:26 UTC
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Eco­nomics of In­sti­tu­tions Read­ing List

LuisMota26 Oct 2022 12:36 UTC
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Best Courses for an Un­der­grad­u­ate Eco­nomics Ma­jor to Get a Job as an Un­der­grad Re­search As­sis­tant?

Jeff A13 Nov 2022 18:16 UTC
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The biggest red flag about SBF

trevor124 Nov 2022 19:08 UTC
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Is the US gov­ern­ment in­solvent?

Satoshi1 Dec 2022 13:58 UTC
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De­moc­ra­tiz­ing the work­place as a cause area

Bob Jacobs26 Nov 2022 18:31 UTC
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Jeff Be­zos’ Wealth

Arturo Macias4 Dec 2022 15:21 UTC
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Inequal­ity, well-be­ing, and the prob­lem of the un­known re­port­ing function

BarryGrimes9 Dec 2022 16:28 UTC
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