Men­tal health

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This entry discusses mental health as a cause area. For mental health within the effective altruism community, see effective altruism lifestyle or self-care.

Mental health issues cause an enormous amount of suffering on a global scale, and could be just as promising a target for charitable intervention as many other effective altruist cause areas.

Further detail

Mental health problems are conditions such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. It is unclear precisely what percent of the DALY burden worldwide they represent. While some research has indicated they make up about 7% of the worldwide DALY burden, other researchers have suggested that the 7% figure may underestimate the true burden of mental health in a variety of ways, and that the actual figure may be nearly double that.[1]

Mental health problems are typically neglected, particularly in the developing world, and there are very few charities working in the area. Giving What We Can conducted an evaluation of Basic Needs, a charity that implements community-based mental health projects, concluding that it was promising but not as cost-effective as GiveWell ’s recommended charities.[2]

Some people care about making everyone happier and more satisfied with their life, over and above treating medical disorders. A few members of the effective altruism community have argued that interventions aimed at increasing happiness may be more cost-effective than global poverty interventions.[3]

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High-Im­pact Psy­chol­ogy (HIPsy): Pilot­ing a Global Network

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Sur­vey to Pro­mote EA Men­tal Health

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[Cause Ex­plo­ra­tion Prizes] Ad­verse Child­hood Experiences

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2021 EA Men­tal Health Sur­vey Results

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Men­tal Health Providers and Re­sources Listed on the Men­tal Health Nav­i­ga­tor Website

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Ac­cep­tance and Com­mit­ment Ther­apy (ACT) 101

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Is effec­tive al­tru­ism over­look­ing hu­man hap­piness and men­tal health? I ar­gue it is.

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Re­place­abil­ity v. ‘Con­tex­tu­al­ized Wor­thi­ness’

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Challenges for EA Stu­dent Group Organizers

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EA Men­tal Health Sur­vey: Re­sults and Anal­y­sis.

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So­cial Re­la­tion­ships: A Ne­glected Fac­tor in Wellbeing

Minh Nguyen11 Aug 2022 16:15 UTC
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Paper is pub­lished! 100,000 lu­mens to treat sea­sonal af­fec­tive di­s­or­der

Fabienne20 Aug 2022 19:44 UTC
48 points
4 comments1 min readEA link

[Question] Are there groups of med­i­cal symp­toms that could be im­pact­ful to be turned into a spe­cific di­ag­no­sis? I learned that PTSD was cre­ated as a re­sult of lob­by­ing, pre­vi­ously it was just dis­parate symp­toms.

nonzerosum16 May 2019 1:07 UTC
9 points
2 comments1 min readEA link

The phrase “hard-core EAs” does more harm than good

Helen4 Jan 2022 0:11 UTC
59 points
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On Sleep Pro­cras­ti­na­tion: Go­ing To Bed At A Rea­son­able Hour

emily.fan16 Apr 2021 23:31 UTC
46 points
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Crowd­sourced Crit­i­cisms: What does EA think about EA?

Hmash8 Aug 2022 22:59 UTC
32 points
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“The Science of Well-Be­ing” on­line course from Yale

ellie5 Aug 2022 22:38 UTC
8 points
0 comments2 min readEA link

Let us know how psy­chol­ogy can help in­crease your impact

Inga21 Oct 2022 10:32 UTC
29 points
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Health and hap­piness re­search top­ics—Part 3: The sHALY: Devel­op­ing sub­jec­tive wellbe­ing-based health metrics

Derek30 Dec 2020 15:27 UTC
37 points
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EA Slack Groups—Men­tal Health, SW Eng, En­trepreneurs (and more!)

Alex Barnes 10 Nov 2021 3:35 UTC
6 points
8 comments1 min readEA link

Many ther­apy schools work with in­ner mul­ti­plic­ity (not just IFS)

David_Althaus17 Sep 2022 10:27 UTC
89 points
12 comments15 min readEA link

An­nounc­ing: Mind Ease ac­quires UpLift, two EA men­tal health apps merge

PeterBrietbart27 Oct 2021 11:39 UTC
67 points
1 comment5 min readEA link

EA and the cur­rent fund­ing situation

William_MacAskill10 May 2022 2:26 UTC
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EA Sur­vey 2020: Cause Prioritization

David_Moss29 Jul 2021 18:06 UTC
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Per­sonal health is in­stru­men­tal to be­ing effective

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Com­par­ing Four Cause Areas for Found­ing New Charities

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How of­ten does One Per­son suc­ceed?

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[Question] What’s the most effec­tive or­gani­sa­tion that deals with men­tal health as an is­sue?

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More to ex­plore on ‘Differ­ences in Im­pact’

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Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship’s 2020 re­search plans

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Hap­piness for the whole house­hold: ac­count­ing for house­hold spillovers when com­par­ing the cost-effec­tive­ness of psy­chother­apy to cash trans­fers

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The ‘In­ter­nal Fam­ily Sys­tems (IFS)’ Ther­apy Model. So­ciolog­i­cal, and psy­cholog­i­cal po­ten­tials.

Penguino14 Jun 2022 10:01 UTC
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A bunch of rea­sons why you might have low en­ergy (or other vague health prob­lems) and what to do about it

alexlintz8 Jun 2021 18:58 UTC
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You are prob­a­bly un­der­es­ti­mat­ing how good self-love can be

CharlieRS14 Nov 2021 14:47 UTC
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[Cause Ex­plo­ra­tion Prizes] Re­duc­ing global child­hood sex­ual abuse

Thomas_Reilly24 Aug 2022 10:55 UTC
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LW4EA: Sab­bath hard and go home

Jeremy7 Jun 2022 2:46 UTC
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A Con­ver­sa­tion with Daniel Kahneman

Barry Grimes22 Jul 2022 14:29 UTC
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Cost Effec­tive­ness of Mind­ful­ness Based Stress Reduction

Elizabeth30 Nov 2017 19:04 UTC
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