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The job listing tag applies to posts discussing a specific job or jobs that one or more organizations are hiring for.

This tag should not exist on a post after the job application has been closed. If you see a post with this tag and the job is no longer open to new applicants, please downvote the tag. Thanks!

Effec­tive Altru­ism NYC is hiring!

arushigupta11 Jun 2021 18:35 UTC
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In­tro­duc­ing The Non­lin­ear Fund: AI Safety re­search, in­cu­ba­tion, and funding

Kat Woods18 Mar 2021 14:07 UTC
62 points
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Me­tac­u­lus is hiring

aaguirre9 Dec 2020 20:58 UTC
30 points
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The Forethought Foun­da­tion is hiring!

Luisa_Rodriguez5 Mar 2021 12:21 UTC
44 points
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Seek­ing part-time con­trac­tor for Face­book group support

Aaron Gertler15 Jan 2021 11:20 UTC
31 points
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High Im­pact Ath­letes is hiring a Direc­tor of Operations

Marcus Daniell21 Jan 2021 2:43 UTC
23 points
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Want to know about a UK char­ity? SoGive prob­a­bly has a rat­ing on it

Sanjay13 Mar 2021 20:55 UTC
20 points
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[Job Ad] Help us make this Fo­rum better

Ben_West25 Mar 2021 23:23 UTC
27 points
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Sum­mer Re­search In­tern­ship: Stan­ford Ex­is­ten­tial Risks Ini­ti­a­tive, Dead­line April 21st

kuhanj16 Apr 2021 22:33 UTC
67 points
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[Linkpost] Re­think Pri­ori­ties is hiring a Re­search Pro­ject and Hiring Man­ager to ac­cel­er­ate its research

abrahamrowe3 May 2021 20:26 UTC
24 points
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Effec­tive Th­e­sis is hiring pro­ject man­ager and con­tent manager

DavidJanku13 May 2021 12:53 UTC
30 points
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New Job: Man­ager at Giv­ing Green

Dan Stein17 May 2021 4:24 UTC
32 points
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1Day Sooner is Hiring a Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Director

1daysooner17 Jan 2021 20:09 UTC
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Hiring Direc­tor of Ap­plied Data & Re­search—CES

aaronhamlin17 Mar 2021 21:00 UTC
14 points
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[Linkpost] We’re start­ing an in­sect char­ity, and look­ing for an ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor to run it

abrahamrowe3 May 2021 20:23 UTC
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Wild An­i­mal Ini­ti­a­tive is hiring a Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Manager

Wild_Animal_Initiative11 May 2021 23:04 UTC
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